Ligne Roset

It is in the heart of the French countryside, at the foot of the Bugey mountains, that the roots of Ligne Roset are anchored. With a family tradition rich with over 150 years' experience, Ligne Roset has manufactured its furniture by the Rhône river since 1860. All furniture is made in Briord, in a vast workshop where the majority of operations are done by hand, the manufacturing of chairs or sofas requiring a demanding craftsmanship. 

Paipai Loveseat


Ennea Round Dining Table

From £2,817.00

Allungami Dining Table

From £2,399.00

CM 131 Chair

From £396.00

Ottoman Armchair

From £1,558.00

Alburni Tables

From £541.00

Moël 2 Armchair

From £751.00

San Stool


Babele Shelf


Sperl Mirror


Cuts Storage Module

From £480.00

Ottoman Settee

From £953.00

Biscuit Mirror


Alster Coffee Table

From £2,132.00

Flax Armchair

From £2,244.00

Kuf Small Table

From £235.00

Alster Office Chair

From £865.00

Bloom pendant

From £182.00

Oka Shelving Unit

From £653.00

Andy - Medium Settee

From £4,369.00

Along Baskets

From £121.00

Ura mirrors

From £345.00

Prado Settee System

From £3,906.00

Petrus Stool


Pebble Coffee Table

From £1,503.00

Eaton Table


News Table


Toa Armchair

From £2,569.00

Tanis Desk


Menhir Rug


Moël 2 Settee

From £3,640.00