Ligne Roset

It is in the heart of the French countryside, at the foot of the Bugey mountains, that the roots of Ligne Roset are anchored. With a family tradition rich with over 150 years' experience, Ligne Roset has manufactured its furniture by the Rhône river since 1860. All furniture is made in Briord, in a vast workshop where the majority of operations are done by hand, the manufacturing of chairs or sofas requiring a demanding craftsmanship. 

Juliette Desk


G21 Floor Lamp


Amédée Armchair

From £1,946.00

Tore Bookend


Verone Vase


Piazza Table

From £1,094.00

Manarola Armchair

From £2,362.00

Everywhere Bookcases

From £939.00

Nubo Desk


Antigone Coffee Table

From £1,039.00

Pukka Settee


Pukka Armchair


Istrana Console

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT

From £750.00

Saparella Seating

From £387.00

Monolog Stool


Phileas Settee

From £4,490.00

Phileas Armchair

From £2,786.00

Garden Pack Tables

From £424.00

Ottoman Outdoor Armchair

From £1,926.00

Ottoman Outdoor Settee

From £3,146.00

Elizabeth Teck Settee

From £3,016.00

Elizabeth Teck Armchair

From £1,994.00

Vik Desk Chair

From £454.00

Sala Desk Chair

From £538.00

Clyde Desk


Litho Desk


Inside World Desk


Ursuline Desk

From £1,162.00

Gavrinis 3 Rug


Dita Sideboard

From £1,838.00

Tramage Rug