String was founded in 1949 by Nisse and Kajsa Strinning, by winning a competition to design a new shelving system for the Bonnier's public library.  

The relaunch of String® was well received by both the public and the judiciary, which in 2009 resulted in the shelving system being classified as Applied Art under the Copyright Act. Which means, as you might have guessed, since 2009 String® is considered a work of art that in addition to its timeless modernistic design, has solutions for most storage needs in homes, public environments, and offices.

The updated and now modern shelving system is here to stay. String® is considered an obvious part of the timeless Scandinavian design style.

String Shelving has endless options. Through choices of colours, finishes and combining different components, it is possible to create an entirely personal shelving system for any room. 

If you require something larger or more complex than a couple of pieces, we recommend having a play on the String Shelving configuration, or popping by our showroom for one of our team to sit down and help you design your perfect storage solution.

If you have a design you would like to order, you can email us the digital design to us for an accurate price and delivery estimate.